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Spinal Decompression

The SDD Protocol Spinal Decompression Protocol  is one of the most scientifically advanced back and neck pain treatment systems available today. Designed to non-surgically relieve disc pressure, this device employs force delivery techniques which mimic physical therapy approaches to spinal dysfunction. The DRS Protocol, however, is capable of highly specific and consistently duplicable regimen advancement which cannot be achieved with conventional physical therapy.

The first phase of treatment begins with a treatment course targeted to the disc level identified by diagnosis. Our spinal decompression unit, the Accu-SPINA® by North American Medical (pictured at the bottom of the page) employs vertical decompression (that is, unloading, due to distraction and positioning) which utilizes distinct angles of degree to manipulate a specific disc level.

This gentle manipulation works to relieve neurocompression and may promote regression of a bulge or herniation over time by means of a negative pressure state, or vacuum, within the disc. This treatment method also works to create an environment within the disc of increased nutrient flow. This rehydration process has been shown in many post treatment MRI's and is highly beneficial to the healing process.

The second phase of treatment is experienced as a secondary oscillation modality which is directed alternatively to the surrounding muscle groups at the treatment site. Typical muscle guarding and straining may be significantly reduced with the relaxing effect of this oscillation modality. Patients report a significant increase in comfort and delivery acceptance during treatment incorporating this modality along with the primary treatment to the spine, as proprioceptor firing is reduced.

As with any total treatment plan, SDD Protocol  calls for thorough patient education and minimal at-home lumbar stretching and strengthening exercises to maximize efficacy and duration.

The changes in pressure surrounding the disc through the cycling action of the machine facilitate blood flow through the disc, restoring the pump mechanism that enhances disc's health. Fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients flow in while cations, acids, and the breakdown products of metabolism are removed. Thus, natural healing and repair can proceed in tissues that previously were encumbered with high diffusion pressure, edematous tissues, and chronic irritation. SDD Protocol™ has helped thousands of low back pain and neck pain patients return to active, pain-free lifestyles.

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