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While we have treated thousands of patients at Silverman Spine & Injury Center, here is what some of our people have to say about their experience.

“I was experiencing lower back and hip pain. The pain was excruciating (a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10). I was at my wits’ end. I had tried everything except surgery. The pain wouldn’t allow me to sleep. I could only stand for a minute or two and then I’d have to look for a place to sit. It took approximately six decompression therapy sessions before I felt relief and it was a big relief. I started feeling human again. I began sleeping better and I could stand for longer periods of time. As the therapy progressed my pain level went from a 10 to a 6 to a 2 and then to 0. I am still at zero today. The staff is efficient, professional and quite lovable.”

– Olivia Garcia
Santa Fe

I owe you my life…seriously! If you hadn’t recommended spinal decompression, who knows where I’d be now. Thank you!!!

– Dr. Michelle Gold
Spinal Decompression patient

“Thank you for not only making me feel like I am a “spring chicken” (my age is 66) everyday-no aches, no pains but also giving me the treatments I needed after the car accident where another driver slammed into the rear of my car. My whole upper body, front, back and neck felt like it was going to explode during and after the point of impact. I had a terrible pain-in my neck and a throbbing near my left shoulder I had never experienced. Also, my neck & back was painful in ways I did not experienced before the accident-I always worked hard to stay in shape–yoga, skiing, biking, etc. I thought my whole lifestyle would have to change! But THANKS to the treatments-I am back to “normal”-even better! You and your staff are AWESOME!! You guys ROCK!”

– Wanda Padilla
Santa Fe

“I suffered 20+ years of constant lower back pain, which culminated in acute back and leg pain and numbness. My mental state was extremely negative. I was very angry and very frustrated. It affected my work and I wasn’t able to do the things I love to do (woodworking, blacksmithing, etc). I decided to give chiropractic care a try. Dr. Silverman recommended the DRS Spinal Decompression Therapy. The progress was gradual and after 6 weeks I began to feel better. After the full therapy treatment I could walk upright again! What a relief!! It’s an excellent therapy program! It was effective and my attitude and behavior have really improved!”

– Bob Benda
Santa Fe

I’ve had pain flare-ups in my left hip for almost 4 years. But this one was the most severe. It would not respond to my usual home remedies of ice and stretch exercises. The pain was excruciating and practically nonstop. I could hardly walk, bend and certain movements would send even sharper pain into my hip, thigh, shin & ankle. Laying down would take over an hour to find any relief. If I moved my head an inch the pain would return. Getting up to get ice would mean another hour of shrieking pain. I was sometimes hopeful that chiropractic adjustments and icing and lots of pain pills would lead to relief and eventual recovery. I was also overwhelmed with the pain, unable to work, unable to end to my basic needs of washing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, sitting, sleeping because of pain.

Then I was told of the Silverman Spine Center, read up on the process and some testimonial, & decided to begin treatments immediately. Within a week, I felt changes and noticed the pain level going down and my movements being more normal. Now, almost at the end of my treatments, I am so close to normal. Pain is practically gone. I can walk upright & briskly. I feel wonderful and happy and optimistic and social. I am returning to light exercising. And am able to get on with my work and enjoy living again.

I am so thankful for everything and every person at the Silverman Spine Center. I am always warmly welcomed at each appointment and each member of the staff is attentive and concerned with my treatment and takes the time to interact with me. I have told many people about the center and the success of my treatment and how I feel this greatly aided my healing. I am so glad that I learned of this form of treatment and that it worked for my particular condition. I am proof that there is a powerful alternative to surgery. This treatment promotes the healing that our bodies can do without drugs and risky, expensive procedures.

Thank you so much, Dr. Silverman, and your team.

– Elizabeth Sandia
Santa Fe

I am Speechless.  I have been proven wrong.  After a catastrophic accident 25 years ago and 13 broken bones, 6 of which were spinal, traditional medicine taught me I had no future, no hope.  They suggested that one day I would put a gun to my head, and then they would fuse me from my sacrum to my neck with a rod and that was my only option!  Complete and total disability.  They told me to wait until I became suicidal.  Spinal decompression gave me:   A Life, A Beginning, An Unexpected New Journey, Hope.  I am off my back.  I am out of bed.  I have increased physical and mental function.  I fear less my aging process.  I feel capable again.  I have a future.  Get out of bed!  See Dr. Robin Silverman.  Trust and believe her.  Do not second guess treatment, or your value in this world.  Turn your fear brain off.  Just get it!  Never give up.  Giving up did not work for me.  Spinal decompression did.

– Jennifer Norris
Guadalajara, Mexico

I had pain in my back to where I could not move.  And I didn’t know what the cause of it was.  My back just hurt terribly.  After going to the Emergency Room several times they told me it was sciatica, and I was told to be on bed rest.  They gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills.  After going through this off and on for about a year I went to see an orthopedic doctor.   My back was out terribly and Dr. Silverman saw me immediately.  When my back would go out I was always hunched over and I had muscle spasms.  I was, of course, in severe pain that wouldn’t allow me to function normally.  Dr. Silverman’s treatments always helped me and I would be back to “normal” within a few days.  I kept treating with her over the next several years.  Recently I had another episode, of course bad, but this time one of my legs had gone numb and useless for a few minutes which totally scared me!  I talked to Dr. Silverman and she recommended the new treatment she now offers – the DRS Spinal Decompression Therapy.  Because by this point she stated that my back would always be this way and the only other way to MAYBE clear this would be surgery.  I decided that I did not want surgery.  We discussed the DRS Therapy and I decided to do it…..  I went through my treatment and I am now in the “healing process.”  I have to say that I am very happy with the way my back has been feeling!  There are very few minor things that I deal with…mainly soreness.  But….NO PAIN!!  For people who have been in pain as I was, it is such a relief!  Needless to say I am not bedridden and I can function within limits when I do something strenuous.   I would HIGHLY recommend this treatment to all those who are in severe pain constantly and who were offered back surgery.  There is another way…consider the DRS Treatment before you think of surgery. Dr. Silverman, Tim and the staff have been so wonderful to me.  I always recommend Dr. Silverman.  They have been so patient and understanding of all that I have gone through.  I am so thankful and am on my way to recovery!

– Kathi Ward
Santa Fe

When I came to you in July of 2007, I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain for several years.  I had numbness, tingling, and weakness in my left leg as well.  After it was determined that I was suffering from lower back disc compression I underwent several treatments on the DRS machine.  Almost immediately I began to feel a tremendous amount of relief from the lower back pain as well as relief in my leg. I have remained practically pain free since completing my treatment sessions.  With an occasional adjustment and moderate exercise I am able to function without relying on pain medications.  I have received therapy for my back at different treatment centers in the past and this has been the most successful for me.    Thank you Dr. Silverman, Tim, Marco, and staff for making my visits so comfortable.

– Elsie Romero
Santa Fe

During the spring I was working in healthcare…..too much lifting.  I hurt my lower back (sciatica) and had to stop working.  I went to bed….  I thought I was going to die.  I was losing weight (about a pound per day).  My weight went down from 180-185 lbs to the low 140s. My tailbone and the muscles on both sides hurt so much.  I could not sit.  I did not want to be seen in public or socialize and I could not work.  I was down all that summer. I had to sell my home in Santa Fe to get out of debt.  I then moved to Rio Rancho (into one of my rental properties).  Two months later I was able to move back to Santa Fe (staying with friends).   I tried a medical procedure but the procedure did not make any difference. I played tennis and worked at the Sangre de Cristo Racquet Club.  But I experienced great lower back pain and foot pain (burning in the feet too). I experienced so much pain that I could no longer play or teach tennis or work with the dogs (dog care). I started working a desk job with a friend in the insurance business (Martin Varela of Varela Insurance). I began living with my significant other.  She is an outstanding chef and homemaker.  I gained my health and weight back but still experienced much pain. 

I saw the ad in the newspaper for SilvermanSpineCenter and decided to give it a try.  I went to SilvermanSpineCenter for a year, for adjustments, which really helped.  Dr. Silverman wanted me to experience what the DRS Spinal Decompression Therapy could do for my back.  I could not afford it so I sold a rental property in Rio Rancho.  After many sessions with the DRS Spinal Decompression Protocol I am experiencing a normal social life.  I enjoy teaching tennis again and I am the Promotional Director of the Santa Fe Tennis Club.  I am the Marketing Director at Varela Insurance in Santa Fe, NM.  And I am able to play tennis at a competitive level.  I thank the DRS Spinal Decompression Therapy for giving me my life back. I really appreciate what Robin Silverman and the staff at the SilvermanSpineCenter have done for me.  Tim, Marco and Teri have been so patient and kind with me.  I have made much progress.

Recently, Dr. Scott Williams has joined SilvermanSpineCenter.  He loves tennis.  So, not only has SilvermanSpineCenter helped me with my lower back pain, but I have also gained a new tennis friend.  I recommend SilvermanSpineCenter and the wonderful staff.  I am continuing to make progress.  I feel better and stronger each day.   Thank you Silverman SpineCenter!

– John Damgaard
Santa Fe

When I arrived in your office I had constant, debilitating (low back) pain that interfered with my work and leisure to the point I couldn’t even think or sit at my desk for more than 15 minutes.  I was searching for relief and was somewhat desperate.  Dr. Silverman did analysis and testing before treatment began, and was well advised as to my condition before ever touching my back.  There was an encouraging prognosis based on other cases like mine, which made me hopeful and committed to therapy.  Relief during the DRS Therapy was immediate and had lengthening duration between treatments as therapy progressed.  Today, six months later, I am nearly pain free and have hope of continued healing without surgical intervention!  I can easily enjoy both work and leisure activities as well as regular exercise at my gym.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

– Jeneane M. Herrera
Santa Fe

Severe low back pain, numbing of legs and toes, four herniated discs L1, L2, L3, and L4, and a slipped disc at L5. My pain on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, my low back pain was an 8. I could not function physically without being in pain. I was highly depressed and worried. I had a high level of anxiety and loss of sleep. I did not know what was going on with my body. I sought various forms of treatment such as prescribed pain medicine, sports medicine, massage, and acupuncture. I was contemplating surgery when a friend of mine told me about DRS Therapy at Silverman Spine Center. My first visit to Silverman Spine Center was a consultation with Dr. Silverman. I was immediately convinced this was the type of therapy I would pursue prior to surgery. I was scheduled for 35 sessions with each session feeling pain relief. After 6 months of treatment, the level of pain I experience today is between 2-3, and I am feeling better every day. The staff is knowledgeable in the techniques and the equipment used to get me on the road to recovery. I am thankful to Dr. Silverman and her staff.

– Alex Trujillo
Santa Fe

I suffered continuously with lower back pain as a result of a motorcycle accident in June 2007. I sought help from chiropractors, medical doctors and physical therapists. Their treatments helped short term, and then I was back to square one. I was told there was no “fix” for my condition and would always have to just “deal” with it. As a 26 year old, that was not an option for me. I had to find something. I am glad I found you. The DRS therapy has almost completely taken my pain away and the healing has only begun! Before long, I’ll be 100% better and couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

– Ursula Gonzalez

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