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Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

Dec 3

Magnesium Treats Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs

Magnesium Treats Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs Currently in the world there are an astounding 350 million people who are suffering from some form of depression. That’s 5% of the world population. As this condition becomes a more popular diagnosis, there needs to be alternatives to the common antidepressant prescription. Antidepressants can work wonders and […]

Nov 16

GIVING THANKS DAY!!!  Thank You To All My Friends And Family On This Day And Every Day. Love To You All Dr Robin Silverman & Yesica Silverman Spine & Injury Center

Nov 16

Auto Accidents & Injuries

Auto Accidents & Injuries

What You Should Know If You Have Been Involved In An Auto Accident Did you know that one of the most stressful aspects of living in modern life is dealing with the problems that arise after an auto accident? Were you also aware that some auto accident injuries are hidden and are seldom detected for […]

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